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Markovich Construction Inc. is Southwest Montana’s largest and most successful General Contracting firm. We employ the best field craftsmen, managers, support staff and maintain the most complete fleet of building construction equipment in the area. We have the financial strength, as well as the construction team, to make any project a success. MCI has a proven successful history of working with owners and design professionals to address project challenges. We have routinely brought projects in ahead of schedule and within budget, solving problems throughout the process.  


Solid Reputation

Markovich Construction has a remarkable list of clients and customers. We take great pride in the fact that we often do multiple projects for the same owners. That alone speaks volumes for our great reputation.

Airport Sky Bridge Construction Markovich Construction

Markovich Construction has serious presence in the community and surrounding market place.  We have created a local team of trusted and competitive subcontractors who are more comfortable working with us and will provide lower cost bids to Markovich as a result of longstanding working relationships and established trust. Our 40 year history in Montana makes our relationships with local subs and suppliers as well as local building officials and union leaders second to none.  

Community Trust